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At the end of this window you can see precisely which file is currently being processed, and what the total progress of of your compression job is. With lightning fast speed, 7-Zip, and an impressively tiny file size ranks high on the file decompression food chain. Click «Close» in the box that appears warning that this is not freeware to help you use this program. When it’s that true it will make you uncomfotible. This is undoubtedly not an option that can operate all the time, but can be used sometimes. Читать/смотреть далее

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EBook writers and publishers have for long endured the effects of the piracy of their intellectual property; so it’s about time that from supporting this trend discourage or successful software is developed to stop pirates. Some of the functions that writers want in PDF security software because of their eBooks include the frequency with which their eBooks are viewed and printed, command their use, and a platform that lets them see when and the ability to share them securely. In addition they want a PDF eBook security software suite that can stop sharing, document duplication, modifying, saving, inhibit display grabbing and print screen, quit printing to PDF format, image printer or file, and block access to files. Читать/смотреть далее

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CHUWI Tablet V88 MiniPad Rockchip3188 Quad Core 16 GB HDMI Bluetooth IPS Display is the first quad core Tablet 7.9 the CHUWI and Rockchip3188 chipset, one of the greatest of the moment (supports quadcore processors but also has Bluetooth and HDMI) is capable of outstanding functionality tablets that have built-in or chipset TEGRA3 Samsung Exynos 4412, but at a much more affordable price. The 1 GB DDR3 (optionally it is possible to choose the variant with 2 GB, double the majority of tablets on the market, even compared to the iPad Mini but considerably quicker because it works DOUBLE CHANNEL) makes any program or 3D compatible games to run smoothly, so use your Tablet CHUWI V88 MiniPad Quad Core to hardcore gamers will be a genuine joy. Читать/смотреть далее